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Aim Higher. Together.

Banff, AB | June 2016

TEDSummit gathers the most engaged members of the global TED community for community brainstorms, discussions, performances, workshops, outdoor activities and an eclectic program of mainstage talks.

TEDSummit convenes a cross-section of people who’ve helped mold TED into what it is today: passionate TEDsters, speakers, authors, TED Fellows, TEDx organizers, volunteer translators, TED staffers, educators, animators, and partners. It's a week of inspiration, of future-focused discussions, of aiming higher, together.

Little Rocks Create Avalanches

Little Rock, AR | July 2015

My first experience producing a TEDx Conference. This time, I was watching from the greenroom instead of the audience. I was so excited to spend the day preparing speakers for their Talks and offering hugs, per Kelly McGonigal's 2013 Talk on How to Make Stress your Friend

Ideas Whose Time Has Come

Conway, AR | March 2016


TEDx Event Series and Conference I founded, licensed, and organized. Preceded by a series of five Salons (below) and two collaborative TED pilot events, the University of Central Arkansas hosted its first TEDx Conference.

Salon Series | 2015-16 


Global Citizenship


TEDxLive @ UCA


Liberal Arts

TED Talks in cinemas

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